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10-Feb-2014  Android SawlogCalc v3.1.0 released. The table version of the Scribner Decimal C log rule has been added (formerly only had the formula version). A new custom species list has been added where you can enter your own species names and densities. Fixed an odd bug that lost the value of the log serial number if SawlogCalc was started up with two or more tallies saved. Changed layout so that a 7" tablet comes up with three panes rather than two in screen size "auto".

17-Dec-2013 The Palm and Windows versions of BoardCalc are no longer for sale. There just isn't much interest in these any more. They will continue to be available to anyone who has already purchased them, of course, and the web pages for them will remain to make downloads available.

3-Dec-2013  Android BoardCalc v3.0.13 released. Fixed layout for tablets to display correctly in portrait orientation for 7" tablets. Fixed fractions to display symmetrically above and below fraction bar on all devices. Fixed a problem with screen size Small in landscape orientation where a long press on any of the right five memory registers would cause a force close. Rounding a fraction or changing the number of decimal places displayed will now go into recent history. Results in recent history also now show rounding. Added font size 22 (new largest font) to recent history and help. Fixed settings: recent history font size so that changing the font size of recent history from settings would kick in immediately when the recent history pane is showing.

25-Jan-2013  Android SawlogCalc v3.0.2 released. Fixed screen table entries to fix 5" displays. Portrait and Landscape were reversed, rendering both unusable. Added 'undelete' to the Tally List screen. Any deleted tally can be recovered for the next hour of app run time. Log serial numbers have been changed: a new number higher than all others will only be generated when a new tally is created (it used to happen every time the sawlog page was brought up). Fixed text display in buttons of sawlog on small screens, no longer mangled.

19-Dec-2012  Android BoardCalc v3.0.11 released. Changed the calculator display to reduce the size of text if a result is too long to fit in the display. Text size while entering parts of a calculation will still be full size and can run off the left side of the screen, but the result after pressing '=' will always be completely visible.

1-Dec-2012  Android BoardCalc v3.0.10 released. Layouts on single screens changed to fill all available space. Title bar now shows up on all but smallest devices. Monthly licensing checks removed from paid version.

20-Nov-2012  Android Sawlog Calc v3.0.1 released to Google Play, in free and paid versions. Details at Android Sawlog Calc

3-June-2012  Android Boardcalc v3.0.9 released. Added an option to choose what a whole number with no fraction or decimal point is taken as: fraction or decimal. Fixed a bug where entering a number with a decimal point and nothing following would result in a display overflow. Extended the table of prime numbers used to reduce fractions up to 127, so that metric fractions would reduce all the way properly.

10-Apr-2012  Android BoardCalc v3.0.8 released. This version adds a screen size for 5" tablets, and fixes two bugs: rounding of fractions not working after changing Audible or Screen size settings, and scrolling finger off of lowest half of lowest memory register into blank space causing Force Close.

21-Mar-2013  An Android® version of the Calculator was released to Google Play. It supports Android 2.1 and above, on any device with a touch screen 2.8" or larger (including tablets). This is an updated version of the general-purpose calculator from the Palm/Windows suite. The log weight calculator is under construction, release in summer of 2012. More:  Android BoardCalc


If you have previously purchased either version (Palm® OS or Windows®) of BoardCalc, you can get an activation key for the other version for free by emailing your name (so prior purchase can be verified) and your HotSync name or Reg Code from the About page to I will send back an email with your activation key. If you have any questions, contact me. Don't be bashful, I'd like to hear from you.

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Wish list:  (features for the next major revision of BoardCalc)
  1. Buttons for common fractions like 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16. to speed entry

Known Issues in SawlogCalc version 3.0.2 (Android)
  1. The serial number of the log in the calculator is lost the next time the program is started up, if there are two or more tallies saved.

Known Issues in SawlogCalc version 3.0.1 (Android)
  1. On the smallest devices, if One Pane is selected, all buttons appear but the text in some of them is mangled. Fixed in v3.0.2.
  2. On 5" devices, the screen will be a mess. Portrait and Landscape are swapped, making both unusable. As a temporary work-around, select a size of two panes in settings and use in portrait orientation. Fixed in v3.0.2.

Known Issues in BoardCalc version 3.0.10 and 3.0.11 (Android)
  1. Display does not fit a 7" tablet screen correctly. Some buttons at bottom are partially or entirely obscured. Fixed in v3.0.13
  2. Any device set to size Small and used in landscape orientation, on the memory register page, will force close if a long press is done on any of the five upper memory registers, those on the right side of the screen. Fixed in v3.0.13.

Known Issues in BoardCalc version 3.0.8 (Android)
  1. Entering any value that has a decimal point with nothing after will result in an overflow. For example, 2.= results in an overflow. Fixed in v3.0.9

Known Issues in BoardCalc version 3.0.7 (Android)
  1. After changing the setting of "Audible" or "Screen size", rounding of a fraction will only flip between 1/64th and none, skipping 1/32nd, 1/16th, etc. Rotating the screen will clear this. Fixed in v3.0.8.
  2. On a non-tablet, memory register page, if there is extra space below register 9, touch the bottom half of register 9 and scroll finger down off of register. Causes a Force Close. Fixed in v3.0.8

Known Issues in BoardCalc version 2.2a (Palm)
  1. On the About screen, just under the version, it says "TEST VERSION". Not so, this really is the release version.

Known Issues in BoardCalc version 2.1 (Palm OS):
  1. Status bar icons, keyboard and virtual graffiti area drawn with wrong colors on a Tungsten T3 (and probably others) - thanks to archalphabet for turning this in
  2. The Shrinkage calculator can become confused between radial and tangential shrinkage. If radial shrinkage is chosen, and then the page is changed to the general calculator or the log calculator, returning to the shrinkage calculator will show the numbers for radial shrinkage but will display Tangent in the selector window.

Known Issues in BoardCalc version 2.1b (WIndows)
    1. Chain calculations put an extra, unnecessary line in the recent calculations. For example, press 1 + 2 + 3 =. Recent calcs will show the lines:  1 + 2 = 3     1 + 2 = 3 +    3 + 3 = 6       The middle line is of no value.
    2. The Calculator and List screens can not all be seen if BoardCalc is run on a high resolution screen (1400 x 1050) under Windows XP. The same problem may cause BoardCalc to never appear on the PC screen - it is being located far far off the right end of the display. Window sizing does not work correctly in this situation either.
Known Issues in BoardCalc version 2.0 (Palm OS):
  1. If the list add button (->L) is pressed in the Log Weight/Yield calculator when the list is empty, the calculator beeps as if something went wrong, even though the weight and yield are added to the list correctly.
  2. In the general calculator, if a dimension in feet is entered, something is entered after it, and then backspace is pressed, the units of feet are also lost. For example, enter 1' + 123, press backspace. Result should be 1' + 12 but instead it is 1 + 12.
  3. In the general calculator, if the first of two dimensions to add or subtract is entered in feet, metric math refuses to work even though it should. For example, 1' + 5cm = beeps and does not complete.
  4. Pressing MR in the Log Weight Estimator puts a mangled string into the recent calculations page.
  5. In the Shrinkage Calculator, backspace removes the last remaining digit in any display, but the display does not change. For example, in any field enter 123 and press <BS> three times. The '1' remains, but pressing another number will enter that number and the '1' will disappear.
  6. On the sort page, if both one of the 'show' boxes is changed and a different type of sort is selected, the 'show' change will be honored but the sort will not. Sorting again with the same settings will do the sort correctly.